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02/14/2012 / avenues of artistry

impromptu list of youtube love songs

as i sit here getting lost in thought as i work on my nutrition homework and bake cookies for my loves i can’t help but think of all the songs that remind me of love. now let me be clear. i don’t actually like valentines day. i feel the opposite of like for this hallmark driven holiday. but today i find my self using this as an excuse to make something really chocolatey & be happy. there are so many opportunities for us to share and give love to people. i am constantly amazed at the way small tokens of kindness can fill me heart with love. but here is my list of youtube videos of songs i listen to when i am feelin’ the love.  (in no particular order)

i saw dan in real life right after a pretty epic break-up (most break-ups are aren’t they?) i love the quirky remake of this timeless song.

oh yoko…… says john lennon. this song to me is about the purity of love. how stupid simple things makes you love the people around you.

joni…. need i say more?

i  just found this ridiculous reggae version of whitney houston’s “my love is your love”. i also love the whitney & wyclef “my dub is your dub” but the videos out there aren’t great.

dad & daughter version of edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros song “home”.  you can just see their connection. uh. makes me love the world.

bob marley’s “i don’t wanna wait in vain” such a sexy song of longing and wistfulness. something i have definitely felt before. what did i learn? don’t wait!

aguas de marco… now i know this means the waters of march. i don’t actually know what this song if about but there is this coy, flirty aspect of this song to me. and it just makes me feel plain ol’ g ❤ ❤ d.

damien rice, dogs. not sure why i love this song so much. maybe it’s the almost akward harmonies. either way. hope you like it.

this is so cheezy. but can’t help but love it.

i know there are million more but i can’t think of them right now. what are the feel good songs that make your heart swell?

also….. these are the cookies i made. but instead of regular sugar i used coconut plam sugar.


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