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08/08/2012 / avenues of artistry

august birthdays

i used to make elaborate cards, individualized for each person and celebration. over the years i have found myself making these special cards less and less. this week there were so many birthdays to celebrate. as i rushed out of town to celebrate them, i grabbed a few goodies and made these cards.

what i brought:

a LARGE sketch book with nice watercolor paper

a bag of scrap paper and pages out of old small square desk top calendars

watercolor crayons

2 smallish paint brushes

little dish to hold water

small bottle of glue

a few waterproof writing utensils & a pencil

a magazine to make envelopes

a little imagination

up next? easy gluten free galette! until then? smile, create & be well!



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  1. Toni Sicola / Aug 14 2012 9:14 am

    pretty cards! can’t wait for the galette!

  2. mickskey / Sep 1 2012 8:23 am

    There’s something about those cards that I like lol

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