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04/03/2013 / avenues of artistry

blessings on a birth

we are bound in our ancestral cellular make up
our histories written in our DNA
we exist within our nurture
but our nature is a story our bodies tell
and relive in their expansive beauty.

our bodies
exclaim ancient memories
that our minds alone can not hold.
within the tiniest microscopic versions of ourselves,
that are the building blocks our glorious being
remain lost tales, visions and experiences
of those that came before us
and birthed us into being
wrapped in their own lineal, primordial shroud.

there is a raw beauty in these embedded details of lives past and present
and if pain, loss and destruction exists in these pieces
we dive in and through those dark, damp, earthy places
to rise verdant and anew
manifested within those puzzled segments of those that came before


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  1. Wendy Silberman / Apr 3 2013 8:24 am

    Like !

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